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Natasha Martin

The why

I am fascinated by the way people use their bodies to produce sound. The percussive body, the melodic voice, the non-silent dancer is very unique to me. It is a protest towards all the silencing that the world leeds us to at times. Liberation through sounding movement is one of a kind. Still, it can be found in places you least expect. 


The what

I have been flerting with the bounderies of formal & academic dance training and oral trasnmission of traditions. Tap dance and body music have been my saviors in my late teens when I was trying to find myself after years of classical training in dance and singing. My MA in Dance Anthropology & Ethnochoreology was fundamental in decolonising my way of thinking and expanding my bounderies of what dance really is. Further training in cultural management took me in depth towards the link between, and bottom--up approach of, civil society & the arts. I feel holistic as a socially aware, culturally sensistive and politically critical percussive dance artist.   

The how

I use what I know in three main areas: performance & creation, education & transmission, research & social action. I operate on a daily basis in Athens, on a monthly basis around Greece, and on a yearly basis in the USA. You will find me around Europe multiple times a year and in West Africa every 5 years. I collaborate with performers, choreographers, cinematographers, educational institutions, NGOs and CSOs, residency spots and music & dance festivals. How can WE meet ?

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